Angular 5 New Features

Angular 5.0.0 was released on 01-November-2017. This is a major release announced by Angular Team – Pentagonal-donut.

Given below are useful & major points from Angular 5

  • The build optimizer is a tool and it is increasing the boost of your application & decorators are used by the compiler & removed from runtime code.
  • Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM Support- Added Server side render and  Domino to platform-server.
  • Improved the Angular compiler to support incremental compilation. This provides faster rebuilds, especially for production builds and builds with AOT(Ahead of Time)
  • Improved decorator support for this action, you can now use a Lambda instead of a named function

  • In Angular we have relied on the browser to provide number, date, and currency formatting using browser i18n APIs. This resulted in the need for a polyfill for most developers

Replace the ReflectiveInjector with StaticInjector : In order to remove even more polyfills, we’ve replaced the ReflectiveInjector with the StaticInjector. This injector no longer requires the Reflect polyfill, reducing application size for most developers.



  • Angular Forms adds updateOn Blur / Submit:You can now run validation and value updates on blur or on submit, instead of on every input event




Reactive Forms



This recent release of RxJS fully empowers developers to avoid the side effects of the previous import mechanism with a new way of using RxJS called “lettable operators

Instead of

You can now

  • New Router Lifecycle Events:These events could be used for things such as showing a spinner on a specific router outlet when a child is updating or to measure performance of guards and/or resolvers

You want to know more about angular 5.0.0 release from Stephen Fluin Blog & See Change log from GitHub

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