Apply ComboBox Selected Color To The Form’s Background Color In WPF

           This article is used for binding system color properties in a combo box, even the same scenario will work with any other control. Combo box selected color applies to the form’s background color.


Open visual studio 2015 and create a new project from WPF.


Project opened like as below the figures.

Normally WPF design xaml code .


Now I am replacing from grid to stackpanel and placing the combo box inside the stack panel.


Write the event in title tag Loaded.Ex: Window_Loaded


privatevoidWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
CBox.ItemsSource = typeof(Colors).GetProperties();

Binding Colors in Combo box ItemsSource.

W4Using the code

Write a code for combo box selected change event. and assign color on background form color


Run visual studio.


Now colors are loaded in combo box. If you selected any color in this combo box, it should apply to the form background.W7